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This months limited prints and posters are available for one more week over at Sharkrobot! If you wanted to get one but havent yet, remember to order it before the 31st. Big thanks to everyone who has gotten one!

You can visit and to see my latest work.





Heres what Ive been up to this week:

I unexpectedly started a new comic project with Helen and Violet from The Incredibles on Shadbase, more of that on the way.

Also Zerosuit Fox is now on Shagbase, more of her is in production aswell.

Also you got 2 more weeks to get one of this months limited posters from Sharkrobot, if you still want to get one theres time.

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League of Loli picture added to Shadbase, also added a sexy new addition of Tails to the Sonic the Hedgewhore series. There also have been plenty of new Spazgirls, and yes some of them have dicks. And I unexpectedly added a new Helen Parr picture to the "Parr series". What will next week hold? Stop by the base and see for yourself.

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And those who want to support Shadbase and help it in its evolution financially, you can join the fight via trough my Patreon, EVERY cent goes into the growth of Shadbase!

Sexy Summer Time

1 month ago by TheShadling

I hope you are having a nice summer! This week I got some new Korra pinups up on Shadbase, including a new League of Lesbians summer picture. Also working on more pages for the Double Jinxed comic to upload next week.

On Shagbase I got more of Stewardess Tails for the Sonic the Hedgewhore collection, and Spazkid has been posting some kinky content aswell.

Also HUGE thankyou to everyone who has picked up a print last month, you have convinced Sharkrobot to keep me onboard with the monthly limited prints, so as you may have already noticed this months 5 new prints are now available in the store. Go check em out, there might be one you like, like last time they will be available till the end of the month.

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Its free, what are you waiting for?





And those who want to support Shadbase and help it in its evolution financially, you can join the fight via trough my Patreon, EVERY cent goes into the growth of Shadbase!

The 3 final days have commenced to get one of these 5 Shadbase prints from Sharkrobot. If you still wanted to get one, you should consider doing it soon, before they go on summer break forever.



Rosalina and Peach added to Shagbase, Daisy is speeding over too.

Speaking of SPEED, Shagbase and Shadbase are finally on the new and more powerful dedicated server, so everything will load much faster and the possibility of the site crashing is much slimmer. So you can go crazy with browsing around, remember you can also click through the content with the arrow keys for even more speed! HUGE Thanks to everyone who has been contributing to my Patreon who make this expensive server change possible. We are prepared for the future!

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6/12/14 by TheShadling

Comics are the main focus of Shadbase again, Im continuing the League of Lesbians comic, and added new pages, 2 new ones every week.

Also got a pinup of Clara Lille from Watchdogs up. Aswell as a new one of Mandy from "The Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy."

Also in case you wanted to help Shadbase out in bringing you new content every week, it has a Patreon now you can contribute to!





At last the „Shop“ tab on Shadbase and Shagbase has something to sell.

Through the established online shop Sharkrobot I am now offering five limited prints and posters. They will be available till the 30th so if you wanted one make sure to get it before this month ends. If it goes well I might have different ones available in the future, but for now youll have to go with one of those.

So if you ever wanted a High Quality Shadbase Poster or Print head on over there!


Spazkid made a new Interactive Porn loop for Shadbase, go check it out, its starring your favourite Loli Succubus "Etna" (She is over 300 years old, so shes legal)

Also got a new Midna series on Shagbase, for those who are into the legend of Zelda.






Support Shadbase

5/21/14 by TheShadling
Updated 5/21/14


...incoming transmission...

Shädbase has emerged from the depths of a small village in Switzerland in the cold winter of 2011. Armed with the thirst to spread chaos throughout the web, we have been drawing nudity and violence ever since.
We where gifted with the fortune that a massive interest has arisen for the calamities we have to offer. In a age where the internet is oversaturated with drawings of genitalia and the likes, we stood out from the crowd and kept creating a steady supply of quality adult artwork every week, completely FREE of charge!
However my Independency means nothing, if not held aloft by the hands of the mighty, yes YOU are the mighty, you the people who visit, you who visits almost every everyday, you who just visited for the first time a few minutes ago, you who sent the link to friends, and you who just got done playing Bioshock Infinite and stumbled over looking to find nudes of Elizabeth.
Brothers and Sisters, you honor us with your visit, without you Shadbase wouldn’t exist today.

Shadbase must continue to grow, we stand at the dawn of a new era, at the very precipice of destiny, we must stay hungry for more and shield ourselves towards the hate and misery the 21st century will continue to throw in our path.
This is where the creation of this new Patreon page comes in, WE can make the site bigger, we can hire more artists, Improve our art style, get better more efficient equipment while paying the outrageous monthly server bills! Yes, we can remain FREE and independent, free from the oppressors who have convinced themselves that pornography is evil, somehow polluting the minds of our youth, free of their censorship.

A simple donation can help in the fight of keeping Shadbase Independent and completely void of any charge. You are the hands that bludgeon the teeth that bite and tear, with your blood you nourish us to grow beyond we had ever dreamt to be possible.

By the simple act of just visiting you already have proven your alliance and support and owe us nothing more. In the end, you pay what you will, what you believe is necessary to.
My site will keep updating every week with new content, we havent missed a single week since the start more than 2 years ago.

Every cent of your donation will go towards the evolution of Shadbase.

We are a free people, free from uncertainty, free from doubt, Join us in our cause!



I, Shadman, humbly thank you from the bottom of my black hearth.

May your sword stay wet, like a young girl in her prime.

...end of transmission