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100K Jews

2016-07-03 20:20:32 by TheShadling


Eyy thanks for helping me reach 100K Subs on my Jewtube. Will be uploading something thats not just another speedpaint soon.


Also got plenty new lewd stuff on my site, for those who like asses.


happy goth lolis

2016-06-25 14:02:21 by TheShadling


I added new pages to my Helen x VIolet comic, there are 32 in total now.

Also started doing some Loud House girls


Flat and Thicc

2016-06-13 11:44:19 by TheShadling

Been playing Overwatch and drawing plenty of Overwatch stuff.

You can find all of it on my website.



2016-06-06 20:16:26 by TheShadling

Been adding plenty more to my Overwatch set on Shadbase, go see for yourself if you dare.

Also thanks everyone who has been stopping by in my Twitch Streams, you make streaming a lot of fun for me, and made my channel grow rapidly! Am currently trying to stream there daily, wether it be art or a videogame, you can reach me live there.



2016-05-26 10:20:58 by TheShadling

Been playing a lot of Overwatch lately, join some of my Streams sometime if you want to group up in some of my games.

Also been drawing a lot of Overwatch stuff, so feel free to check out some of it over on my site, lots more on the way.


[My Twitter]

Motherfucker Morty

2016-05-07 08:58:57 by TheShadling


Dark Holes 3

2016-04-15 18:04:24 by TheShadling

Ive been playing this, whenever it doesnt crash, its pretty cool.

I stream it sometimes on my Twitch, if you want to see gameplay or Live drawing sessions, feel free to check in on me over there.





2016-04-03 21:39:03 by TheShadling

I drew more stuff over at my website

If you ever wanted to ask me about stuff or interact with me while Im live, make sure to check in to one of my Twitch Drawing streams sometime.



2016-03-14 00:10:28 by TheShadling

Made more stuff and put it on my website

Also thanks for helping me reach 40K+ Followers on my Twitter!

Thankyou for helping me make the Internet a more Unsafe place. (For Work)





2016-02-28 15:05:23 by TheShadling


Been drawing some Hermione stuff lately. You can find it on my website Shadbase

Going to be streaming pretty much daily next week, so you can feel free to follow or tune into my Twitch channel if you want to catch me drawing live.