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I drew Yennefer and Ciri from the Witcher, both tending to the Horses.

Also have been going through Fallout New Vegas on Twitch lately,

bigCman321 has made a mod for Fallout 3 and New Vegas which includes my Vault Girl into the HUD display, it works really well.



For those who would rather watch a drawing Stream than a gaming Stream, I draw live over on Picarto, you can follow me there for those.


Last Days of Summer

2015-08-22 05:16:43 by TheShadling

Did a new summer set with Helen and Violet on Shadbase, this time they get to clean a car.


And I also did Yennefer from the Witcher and something based on the Fallout Shelter App, which I have been playing quite a bit...

More to come on the weekend and next week. You can follow me on TWITTER, TUMBLR or FACEBOOK to get updates and notifications about new content.

On further news, theres only one more week left to get one of this months posters, so if you wanted one of these 5, you can order it via Sharkrobot.



2015-08-09 19:40:57 by TheShadling

Marvel and DC on Shadbase this week. Did some new pictures with Harley and Catwoman. And got a new Lady Deadpool pinup, another more explicit one will follow on Monday, the movie trailer inspired me to do more of her.

Also Satsuki from Kill La Kill is on Shagbase.

You can catch me on TWITTER, TUMBLR or even FACEBOOK


T and A

2015-08-02 16:20:46 by TheShadling


Added some more Pages to the "Sleepover" comic.

Also got some new Midna x Wolf Link on Shagbase.

And lastly, its August and Summer is coming to an end, so I got the new August posters available via Sharkrobot.


You can follow me on:





2015-07-26 14:33:10 by TheShadling

added a new Speedpaint on my Youtube, also got a new Hermione pic on Shadbase.

Also remember to check Shagbase every week, if you want even more kinky content.


If you want to get notified of new posts, follow me on Twitter.


Also been having alot of fun using Twitch, so Ill think that will be a more regurlar thing now, you can follow my Twitch channel to see when I will go live again.



2015-07-19 08:51:33 by TheShadling



New Team Fortress 2 update is amazing, if you want to catch a game with me whenever I play, you should make sure to join my Steam Group.

Speaking of updates, added new Vault Girl picture to my Fallout series, and I drew Miss Pauling from TF2 on Shadbase.

Theres also a kinky One Piece drawing on Shagbase.

Also FYI, this months posters are available for about 2 more weeks.


Catch me on Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr

Drew more Cunts

2015-07-12 07:11:36 by TheShadling

Added this new Speedpaint to my Youtube.


Also been streaming on Twitch more regurarly lately, so remember to follow there if you havent yet.


Same as every week been posting new stuff to my site Shadbase, remember to follow me on Twitter to get notified about those new posts.



Made a new Speedpaint for my Youtube.

Also added a new page to the Sleepover comic Ive been doing, and continued with more for the Fallout 4 series this week.

And with this new month, theres new Posters! Fallout, Splatoon and Hermoine this month.


Make sure to follow me on





2015-06-26 19:54:53 by TheShadling

Doing a Fallout series on Shadbase, more of that very soon.

And got a sexy new Mewtwo animation by Zonkpunch on Shagbase.


FYI This is the final week to get one of the 5 June Posters, you can get one via Sharkrobot.


Also will be streaming some Fallout 3 over on my Twitch everynow and then, to help me gather some ideas for the Fallout project.

E3 was cool

2015-06-17 10:49:26 by TheShadling

So much cool new footage and Fallout 4 coming this year? Best E3 of my life.

I made a Fallout 4 post over on Shadbase.

Im also still working on that comic "The Sleepover" Of which I have 4 pages up so far.

And for those who are sick of all the girls Ive been drawing, Ive also drawn male Reaper over on Shagbase.

What did you enjoy most out of E3?

See you on Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook.


Image drawn by Nikki aka Nackem.