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New girls and new content.

2014-12-17 08:30:44 by TheShadling

I got plenty of new exclusive content on Shadbase and Shagbase. Theres new Tiny Tina pictures, also more League of Loli and I just recently added the newest Slut to the Sonic The Hedgewhore series.

The main focus is currently a new Overwatch comic, which you can follow on Shadbase.


If you want to stay up to date with the newest pictures animations and comics I post remember to FOLLOW MY TWITTER, since most of what I post you wont be seeing on newgrounds months later, or NOT AT ALL.


Also Ive been more active with my Steam Group lately, and other artists from the Shadbase community have joined, so if you ever want to catch a TF2 game with the community feel free to join, we fill up servers! You can even get notifications of new content through there.


IRL Shadgirl

2014-12-09 09:56:47 by TheShadling

Got a new image set of a sexy IRL Shadgirl! First ever photographs getting a full feautre on Shadbase.

ChelHellBunny cosplayed them for me. Also starting a new Overwatch series on Shadbase and on Shagbase theres finally a 2014 Lady Death pinup!

Remember to follow me on either one of these social networks to stay up to date with my most recent projects.





Double Zone-Tan!

2014-12-01 15:00:12 by TheShadling

Double Zone-Tans!

Zone and Shadman made some Zone-Tan prints!

You can get both as a Bundle via Sharkrobot, to get a discount!

The bundle offer expires on the 8th of December, so its up for a week.

Also Today is CyberMonday!

Use coupon-code “CYBERSHARK” at Shark Robot for 15% off your order! coupon code ends 12/01

If you want any other Prints, as a special Black Friday Deal, the entire seletion of prints Ive put out in the past few months is available for one more week in th Shadbase store!


Final week to get one of these Five Limited Prints/Posters. You can order via Sharkrobot.

Also be sure to check out Shadbase, plenty of new content uploaded there! And Shagbase has a few new animations you may or may not would want to check out!




2014-11-17 00:15:06 by TheShadling

THE OFFICIAL SHADSHIRT has finally arrived!

Its limited till the end of December,  pick one up while you can, it looks like a Metal band shirt on the outside, so you can wear it in public without admitting to being a pervert! But fellow pervs will recognize you!

So if youre a visitor of Shadbase, a fan of my work or just simply want to support the act of drawing porn in general, make sure to pick one up and wear it in public!



Its time to settle on a official Shadgirl for Shadbase, and YOU can help me design the right look for her!

Rules of the Contest:

- Drawings must be finished, no sketches please.

-Girl must have a punky look, and needs "Shadbase" visibly tattooed somewhere on her body.


-Keep her cute and sexy.

You can use these Shadgirls as a example of what kind of design Im looking for, there also have been others in the past like the banner girl or the ancient Forum Shadgirls from 2012.  I might start adding more examples along the road.

The winner gets 300 usd, and my two favourite follow ups receive each 100 usd. Also the winners and some of my other favourite submissions will get a full feautre here on Shadbase, linking to your tumblr or whatever else you want!

You can send in your submissions by either linking them in the comment section here, sending me it via email with the description Shadbase contest, tweet it to me or send me a message on Tumblr linking your Submission, either way try and get it to me, I will showcase the submissions in this Forum Thread!

Deadline is January 1st! 2015, so you got about 2 months, get to drawing!






Halloween Sex

2014-11-01 02:08:26 by TheShadling

I did a Mavis pinup for Halloween, aswell as a little Halloween series with some of the girls from The Incredibles.

Also for those into Midna she has also been getting some extra attention on Shagbase.

Lets see what November has in store.

Thanks  for all the fantastic support and Happy Halloween!





This is the last week to snag a Shadbase October print, if you like either of these 5 remember to order before Halloween!

Also have a look over at Shadbase, got plenty of new content there, including a new Tiny Tina animation and a Halloween themed series which is still being updated.





Shadbase MurderTV

2014-10-17 08:11:26 by TheShadling

I finally gave in and decided to make a LiveStream Channel on Picarto to try this whole Live drawing thing. I did some test streams yesterday and it was a quite pleasant experience, so I will doing live drawing streams on a regular basisc now, where you can hang out with me and other visitors of

If you have a Picarto account, why not follow me there to get notified when I go live again.

Or if you dont have one of those just follow me on TUMBLR or TWITTER I announce when I go live there.

See you next livestream.


And as usual dont forget to check out Shadbase and Shagbase, plenty of new content uploaded to both of them.


New Shadbase posters

2014-10-09 22:36:16 by TheShadling

New October prints are available till Halloween! They arent porn, just a celebration of the female body. If you like one of these 5, Order via


Catch Shadbase on TWITTER, TUMBLR or FACEBOOK, to stay up to date with the latest drawings animations and comic pages Shadman and friends create!