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New Instagram

2017-08-13 11:26:03 by TheShadling

My Instagram account got xed so I made a new one.

Follow there if you want a constant feed of my Safe for Work art. I upload stuff every day.



2017-07-09 04:08:16 by TheShadling


Wew Lad

2017-06-21 02:12:10 by TheShadling


still providing constant uploads on my personal website shadbase, if you ever curious what ive been working on lately check it there.

If you ever want to join my community, I run a public discord, well organized and hentai friendly. Join us there.

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Twitter fake DMCA attacks

2017-06-04 21:00:31 by TheShadling

My Twitter is currently Suspended cause of false DMCA copyright claims, Im trying to get it back and prove that the "artists" trying to take credit for my work  are fake. This is a issue that is effecting other artists on twitter aswell, getting their accounts suspended left and right, if anybody knows how to fight this more effectively please let me know, Its really difficult getting through to a real human with Twitter Support, a week later and its still automated responses.   Meanwhile since you cant reach me on twitter, you can reach me via my Discord.



New Patreon

2017-05-22 02:20:13 by TheShadling


Had to make a new Patreon out of Guideline reasons, its here to support all my art that is not related to loli stuff, and my YOutube aswell as my Twitch.

If you like my work and would like to support, feel free to do so here.


100k good lads

2017-05-06 23:33:20 by TheShadling


I reached 100k followers on twitter, wtf - I deserve way more. Follow me on Twitter NOW!

Also uploaded a lot more exlcusive art to shadbase, and been streaming a lot of it. If you ever curious about the process of it, or just would like to hang out in general, you can catch my streams on Twitch.



2017-04-19 04:49:03 by TheShadling


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never surrender

2017-04-06 06:48:49 by TheShadling






I have autism

2017-03-25 21:35:39 by TheShadling


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I drew statue porn

2017-03-18 18:12:23 by TheShadling




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