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2015-05-24 09:57:12 by TheShadling

Heres some new stuff Ive been working on.

Nevarky mande a cool loop with "Star Fucks the Forces of Evil", which I made the background for.

Also Sam Manson is back on Shadbase, aswell as Hermoine.

Finally got around to doing some Naruto girls. And my pal Spazkid has done some more pages on his Rouge x Topaz comic.

You want to see this kind of content early?

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2015-05-16 17:16:17 by TheShadling

For more Speedpaints, you can keep an eye out on my Youtube.


Why do I keep making these newspost updates on here, when you could just be following me on Twitter instead?

Also got a Tumblr and a Facebook




Helen and Haley

2015-05-09 05:25:48 by TheShadling

Besides Haley, I got a series on Helen Parr doing a Yoga workout on Shadbase.

Also, make sure to follow me on Twitter if you havent yet, its the best way to get notifications about new content I post ASAP.


New Posters are in

2015-05-01 17:47:46 by TheShadling

Instead of mentioning what I posted this week here, you can just follow me on TWITTER instead cause there I link to all new submissions ASAP weeks or even months before you get to see them here.

Either way, you know where to find me.


Also the new Posters are in, new month, new posters!


Pico Gay

2015-04-24 06:51:50 by TheShadling

If youre going to Picoday, fuck you and I hope your plain, train or automobile crashes before you make it there.


Heres whats new on my site this week.

I drew Cassie Cage over on Shadbase, aswell as more of Elsa and Anna.

If you prefer the other sex, Zonk got a great new Flash on Shagbase of guys having fun.





See you at Pico Day if you make it out there alive.



PS: Theres one more week left to get one of my April Prints, big thanks to everyone who has been getting any of my prints ever.


Shadbase now on Twitch!

2015-04-17 02:16:51 by TheShadling

Im now on Twitch aswell.

I will use this profile for gaming related streaming and will keep Picarto for drawing related stuff.


Remember to leave your enemies in war and pieces!





Rape them when they bleed

2015-04-06 10:19:12 by TheShadling

Have been doing more Speedpaints than usual lately on my Youtube remember to subscribe there you havent yet in order to catch them.


I re-opened the Shadbase shop for 2015, so now for those interested, you can get posters again. I got all new ones in, which will be replaced every month by the latest ones.


Also plenty of new stuff on my site Shadbase and Shagbase, so go check those out if you get the chance.


Im on Twitter, Tumblr and even Facebook for those who want to keep in touch with the Base.



Incest Incentive

2015-03-30 07:30:29 by TheShadling

Started a Coraline comic on Shadbase last week, which has 3 pages so far. More to come this week.

Also did a Lana Kane pinup and a set of Emily The Strange drawings.


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You never know what to expect.




New Overwatch page, including a Zarya x Tracer picture is up on Shadbase!

Also Doxy provided this awesome Crossdressing Dipper to the Gravity Falls collection.






Objectifying Girls

2015-03-16 03:21:58 by TheShadling

Got some Mabel Pines in bondage on Shadbase

and you can see Penny Peterson in bondage on Shagbase.

Got plenty new stuff in the works for next week.

Follow on Twitter to see ASAP when I post new stuff.

I also got a Tumblr

and a Facebook Page