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This is the last week to snag a Shadbase October print, if you like either of these 5 remember to order before Halloween!

Also have a look over at Shadbase, got plenty of new content there, including a new Tiny Tina animation and a Halloween themed series which is still being updated.





Shadbase MurderTV

2014-10-17 08:11:26 by TheShadling

I finally gave in and decided to make a LiveStream Channel on Picarto to try this whole Live drawing thing. I did some test streams yesterday and it was a quite pleasant experience, so I will doing live drawing streams on a regular basisc now, where you can hang out with me and other visitors of

If you have a Picarto account, why not follow me there to get notified when I go live again.

Or if you dont have one of those just follow me on TUMBLR or TWITTER I announce when I go live there.

See you next livestream.


And as usual dont forget to check out Shadbase and Shagbase, plenty of new content uploaded to both of them.


New Shadbase posters

2014-10-09 22:36:16 by TheShadling

New October prints are available till Halloween! They arent porn, just a celebration of the female body. If you like one of these 5, Order via


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Sexy Deadpool

2014-10-02 18:53:40 by TheShadling

Currently working on some lewd drawings involving Lady Deadpool

Also got a new pinup of Midna up on Shagbase.

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Also the new October prints are now available via Sharkrobot!


Girls! Girls! Girls!

2014-09-25 06:09:53 by TheShadling

Less than a week left to get one of the Shadbase september posters, if you still wanted one remember to order before wednesday!

Also make sure to look around Shadbase to see my latest projects.


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Heavy Breeding

2014-09-18 05:14:47 by TheShadling

Theres a new animation concerning "How to breed your Dragon" on Shagbase and I finally got around to draw Opal from the Legend of Korra over on Shadbase.

As you may know I usually update both websites several times a week, so if you want to get notified whenever a new animation, comic page or picture is ready make sure to FOLLOW MY TWITTER, to get updates asap.


How was your summer?

2014-09-10 10:16:04 by TheShadling

I focused a week on Chel from El Dorado last week, you can go see the results at Shadbase.

Alternatively Theres a few pannels on a Boo from Super Mario on Shagbase.


Also have a look at this months posters, available via Sharkrobot.



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Shadbase on Twitter

2014-09-02 22:18:01 by TheShadling

I want to take a moment to mention my Twitter.

While Tumblr and Facebook are nice social networks, I like the fast and instant nature of Twitter. I will always be posting news about new pictures, comics or animations there first. So considering following me there if you like my work. Youll get to see stuff weeks, if not months earlier than youll get to see them here on Newgrounds.

Its a useful tool to make people aware of whats going on with Shadbase.

Speaking of which, I just got the new September prints up, aswell as plenty of new posts for you to check out on Shagbase.

See you at the Base



Banned from Facebook

2014-08-18 16:21:32 by TheShadling

This months limited prints and posters are up for 2 more weeks. Available via Sharkrobot. From Zerosuit Fox to Lacey Shadows, all made by yours truly.


On further news, my old Facebook page got suspended so I was forced to make a new one.

So drop me a Like on my New FB Page, to get notifications via Facebook of  sexy new pictures, comics or animations.



2014-08-11 15:39:31 by TheShadling

You can find Gamora from Guardains of the Galaxy on Shagbase.

And you can see more of "The Incestibels" comic on Shadbase.


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