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Didnt post a new update here in a while


Ive been drawing a lot, you can see all the new stuff Ive been doing on my site Shadbase

I dont check in here often, so if theres something youd like to reach me about, contact me on twitter

I check that almost daily

hillary got fucked

2016-11-12 08:29:17 by TheShadling


My Twitter

A ok

2016-11-03 02:39:18 by TheShadling


Contact me via twitter

Eyy Im still doing this

2016-10-10 11:42:18 by TheShadling



Reach me via my Twitter

Subscribe to my Youtube




I draw tits and asses

2016-09-25 12:15:09 by TheShadling

Talking a bit about my perspective of the social stigma I got from drawing porn.

You can see more videos of me speaking my mind on my Youtube.

You can easily reach me via my Twitter


Masturbation is Healthy

2016-09-10 17:14:41 by TheShadling

Im took a moment to adress a specific FAQ

[My Twitter]

[My Streams]





I wasnt joking when I said Im doing these weekly.

Next one this weekend, if you want to catch them asap, make sure to subscribe to my Youtube Channel.

love u bb


Lolis are cool

2016-08-22 21:28:55 by TheShadling

Eyy talking about a controversial topic this week, dont tell anyone.

If you like these kind of videos, feel free to subscribe to my Youtube, Im making them weekly now.


[My Twitter]


Starting Weekly commentary vids

2016-08-15 05:03:45 by TheShadling


Doing videos now talking about my perspective and experiences from my personal art career.

Gonna try to have a new one of these per week over on my Youtube.


I just recently discovered that I can talk.