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2016-02-01 17:11:45 by TheShadling

I drew stuff


Rainblow Dix Siege Heil

2016-01-23 20:42:48 by TheShadling

Rainbow Six Siege is cool

Join my Steam Group to play Multiplayer games with me, I have no friends.



2016-01-15 12:22:21 by TheShadling


New Rear

2015-12-31 19:00:58 by TheShadling

Final post of 2015, thanks for helping me to make it a great year. I hope you are going to like what I have in store for 2016.

see you around on Shadbase

Also for those who dont know, I had to make a new Tumblr a few months ago, so make sure to follow me there if you havent yet, to get shadbase updates on your dashboard!

Cum to the Darkside

2015-12-23 02:17:28 by TheShadling


Happy Holidays!





I continued the Helen X Violet comic on Shadbase, also I got some Helen x Violet posters up in the shop this month.

I love mothers and daughters.


Too lewd for Newgrounds

2015-12-05 00:04:55 by TheShadling


I have been drawing alot in the past weeks which I cant post to Newgrounds, so for those who like what I do but only know me through here, you should make sure to check out my site Occasionally to see much more of my activities, what you see here is only the tip of the Iceberg.

If you want to get notified whenever I post something new, make sure to follow my Twitter, I also announce Livestreams and other stuff there.



Fallout 4 and SleepyCabin

2015-11-21 04:16:59 by TheShadling

Been playing a lot of Fallout 4 on Twitch last week, aswell as drawing quite a bit of Fallout 4 stuff on Shadbase, so make sure to check that out if you havent yet. Absoultely love this game.


On further news I am also in the latest episode of SleepyCast, so give that a listen if you want to hear me and friends talk about shit.

Remember to follow me on TWITTER to stay updated with my calamaties.


Fallout 4

2015-11-10 04:09:56 by TheShadling

Fallout 4 is out, and I am drawing a series on it over on Shadbase, expect plenty more Vault Girls.

Make sure to follow me on Twitter if you want to get notified of new posts ASAP


Happy Helenween

2015-10-31 08:42:07 by TheShadling


Did a new Halloween Helen picture, for those who missed last years, you can go check that out also.

Also my new shirt has been printed and distributed, if you still wanted one they are limited till Sharkrobot runs out of them, so you can order HERE.



Have a nice Halloween and I see you in November!