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Mega Dick!

2009-11-23 16:01:56 by TheShadling

Short Update dudes!

Dommi Fresh
and me did another crazy-sexy-awesome-art-trade! This time we went with the ladies and I did his kitty war character, and he did a crazy sexy version of my Secretary-bot!
And I want to thank Smokery dots for putting a Link to my website( on his danish website. He is a superb artist who draws some of the coolest monsters ever! Go check him out now!!!
Well thats it for now.
-Still working on the game with theBoob
-Still having that shit-exam project in school

Have a nice day mates!

Mega Dick!


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2009-12-06 00:26:42

I love your work and your site! :3

TheShadling responds:

Much oblidged partner!


2009-12-04 21:11:57

I wonder what BrentalFloss would say if he saw this.

TheShadling responds:

funny I was thinking the same thing!


2009-12-04 18:55:28

this picutre took my video game nerd of a friend who ADORES!!! megaman down quite a few pegs, if I had money sir, you certainly would have deserved it...Priceless

( thumbs up )

TheShadling responds:

haha Im glad it prooved itself useful ;)


2009-12-03 19:49:31

my mom would kill me if she saw what i was on

TheShadling responds:

On top of the dick of Megaman?


2009-12-03 11:56:50

That might just be the most awesome dick I've ever seen! :D

TheShadling responds:

Its chargable!


2009-12-02 23:52:58

hey, shadman. just browsing the portal and happened to notice one of your pieces on the first page of all-time high scoring. Well done!! I said you would make it.

keep up the work!
~ calumn.

TheShadling responds:

Thankyou for believing in me calumnjohnston!


2009-12-01 00:28:42



2009-11-30 11:59:53

OH ! he... he is... damm YOU !!!!

TheShadling responds:

Damn me!


2009-11-29 21:30:36

Hey yo shadman imma let you finish but sysra is a way better scout than Cannabisclock. A way bettter scout!

TheShadling responds:

What do you meen?


2009-11-27 21:08:46

Damn i bet that thing can shoot a HUGE mega-blast! hell yeah!

TheShadling responds:

Noo not the face!


2009-11-27 01:45:30

So you were the one who beat me on the turtle bastard Blarg!!!!

TheShadling responds:

Well you should be more difficult next time mr kraing!


2009-11-24 19:25:34

lol nice parody

-What type of game is it?

TheShadling responds:

Go read about it on "TheBoobs" userpage, the link is up there.


2009-11-24 13:43:16

Man, If i didn't have a penis, I would have your babies.

Fo' realsies

TheShadling responds:

Hahaa youre a cool dude! You have some hilarious artwork!


2009-11-24 08:43:20

Is the Megaman for the game you're creating? Please tell me yes, it would make my day so much better.
(Although Cutman's power might hurt.... a lot)

TheShadling responds:

Im sorry man, the game we are making goes nowhere near that direction ;)


2009-11-23 17:05:49

Whoa messed up! So the whole time Megaman was firing semen instead of power shots now that's just plain wrong no wonder Megaman is weak in dies easily in video games.

TheShadling responds:

He even learns how to "charge" his shot, so he can send a powefull concentrated load of semen into the face of his opponents.