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2010-07-07 19:55:52 by TheShadling

With the help of a Programmer I managed to submit my comic to Newgrounds!

My Deviant Art Shite


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2010-07-07 21:18:15

Very nice comic dude!
i really apreciate your work!

TheShadling responds:

Glad some people do, thanks.


2010-07-07 21:40:43

nice Comic u have there the story still continued


2010-07-07 22:46:08

Nice comic! You should print this bad boy...

TheShadling responds:

Thanks man, I apprechiate that comming from you. its not really quality stuff such as yours though.


2010-07-07 23:27:18

Great Comic Shad! I am glad i got to help you out with little parts of it. :D

TheShadling responds:

So many grammar errors argh!


2010-07-08 01:52:42

Very nice comic, Shadman! Great job!


2010-07-08 05:39:37

That was sure one entertaining ride. Maybe a lively tune would have made it even better? Anyway this really makes me want to create a comic myself!

TheShadling responds:

Im glad you wanna create one go for it Nekow!


2010-07-08 19:11:07

Incredible Mr Shadman, Adult Comic with a original and exelent art + Shadman lines = Shite Comic.

TheShadling responds:

Youre too kind, i can always count on you.


2010-07-09 03:12:46

Watched both of them, and they were both awesome. Can't wait for the next one

TheShadling responds:

Thanks pal!


2010-07-10 20:10:22

yeah the lady with purple hair WON'T be there till you beat wake the water guy in the gym in pastytoira I beat him quickly too becuse I have tortera on lvl 100

TheShadling responds:

I beat him too but that bitch still hasnt showed up!


2010-07-11 11:48:54

wat it a bout axactly


2010-07-11 12:14:52

u shud make a robot sex thing for robot day

TheShadling responds:

No robotsex today sorry.


2010-07-11 19:18:50

Nice work man.


2010-07-11 19:41:38

Pink Vagina !!!!

TheShadling responds:

I Need


2010-07-11 19:44:33

you have to chase the grunts around town and beat the steel gym leader too i think


2010-07-12 05:20:53

stop posting art your a sad loser who probably never gets pussy so you have to draw it to masterbate to it. sad little hentai freaks you newgrounders are. its rather pathetic. get off you asses go outside and talk to a female they want to fuck get real pussy. i love pixel pussy hell yea.

TheShadling responds:

You have shown me the light.


2010-07-12 13:20:09

dude tell me if you chased the gurnts around

(Updated ) TheShadling responds:

I think I beat everybody around there, I also got that Flying attack.


2010-07-13 17:10:21

it was a good comic but was he maried with a littale girl


2010-07-14 16:26:50

soooo ah, how'd you get so damn awesome?

TheShadling responds:

I never got awesome till you said so. Since I knew the internet I loved youre Madness series, you sir are a hero.


2010-07-14 23:35:00

This was awesome. I'm always interested to see how people attempt e-comics and yours turned out really well... consistently detailed as always, and really cool how you reveal it one frame at a time, yet the frames all interlock.


2010-07-15 20:31:44

Nice mate, nice! I thoroughly enjoyed it, I don't know why comic book characters that smoke are fucking bad-ass though.

TheShadling responds:

Appreciate it pal.


2010-07-16 03:23:51

Aliens :f they havent penis

TheShadling responds:

You know it!