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Down boy!

2010-10-05 12:17:21 by TheShadling

IM BACK!!!! for now, after a few problems with the law, I will be drafted to the army in 3 weeks. (Edit: Army In switzerland is COMPLETLEY HARMLESS!)
I hope i get to submit something new soon so dont give up on me yet, I have just changed my name, doesnt mean I have changed my ways.

Im taking out all adult content from my site so I wont get in any more trouble with law enforcment.

What have you been up to?!

Down boy!


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2010-10-16 19:39:56

damn i've been searching everywhere for you ! you couldve told me you change your name >:U im fine just if you were wondering , but are you fine ? i just dont want you to get arrested with this whole law with your art.
also why did you change your name ? it was cool ! : <


2010-10-16 04:54:13

aww =[


2010-10-16 02:01:49

Well that fucking sucks, I'm sorry about that shaddd


2010-10-13 23:16:19

So the purity nazis finally got yea ea? Shame, some of your sicker shit was so outrageously disturbing and funny. But meh, some people have to beat people with the morality stick to make themselves feel like the are better then everyone else.


2010-10-13 16:51:45

it would be awful if you were killed in the Swiss army


2010-10-13 15:21:07

Interesting. Even though your site has a .com domain they got you. Damnm those good-human-scumbags who made it their holy crusade to banish everything they dont like.
Your art sometimes is pretty disgusting though, but so overdone that its funny again.
That just shows that the people bash on those easily reachable instead of hunting real criminals. fitting picture.

TheShadling responds:

The real Pedophiles are out there. And thei arent drawing anything.


2010-10-13 06:09:07

Whoa, THERE you went. Whew. Sorry to hear about your law troubles bro, how the eff did you manage to change your name though?!

(Updated ) TheShadling responds:

I asked mr Fulp, I think you could ask any admin though.


2010-10-13 04:25:23

That sucks dude, I hope they didn't list you in some sexual offenders list or something, that would be really really stupid.

Use the vidalia program when posting online from now on, that's what I use whenever I need privacy ect...


2010-10-12 18:29:01

Looks up at Crow72's run-on sentence angry patriot ranting. Ha ha! Successful trollin' was successful. Also, I'm well past the draft-able age so I can consider my free lovin' hippy-assed bouffant safe from the conscription officer's shears. Ho ho!

TheShadling responds:

Are you ready to die for your country?!!


2010-10-10 20:14:47

In Soviet Russia, you arrest cop. Or just pay them some money lol. That's the way we roll there. So you have to wait 3 years to be clear?


2010-10-10 12:14:14

Oh, it's indeed not to buoyant there. I live in Vaud where things are a little bit more attractive.


2010-10-10 05:36:32

Waaaaait so you're swiss ? What part do you exactly come from ?

TheShadling responds:

Im living in Aargau at the moment, a sad part of switzerland.


2010-10-09 22:44:59

are you gay


2010-10-09 22:09:57

Aw man hope this all blows over soon. I love everything you have ever drawn, porn and otherwise. I am incredibly grateful for of your art on multiple levels.

TheShadling responds:

ARent you a sweety.


2010-10-08 23:37:21

That sucks ass man i hoipe your alright over there. I dont know if youll be seeing any action but if so i hope your alright. And to Abraxa for his comment on the US military.....You can go fuck yourself buddy you cock suckin bitch. You may not like the military and hell im not sayin you have to but god damn you whiney little shit the least you could do is be thankful there risking there lives for what freedoms you do have.....Ass Clown....Hope when the time comes you get drafted. Besides its the government causing the problems and issues in the military along with the commanding officers just because they make fucked up decissions doesnt mean every military soldier is as you put it " Skin-Headed Cunts -. Sorry for ranting in your comment section shad lol Any ways good luck and i hope to see you back on here soon and i hope your web site gets back up soon. Ttyl man. Bye and Good Luck.

TheShadling responds:

Swiss Army never fights, only trains. And Abraxa is a good guy!


2010-10-08 17:33:07

And that's why the government sucks!


2010-10-08 12:57:44

I thought Switzerland was neutral.

Damn, I wanted to invade them when I took America.


2010-10-08 11:42:17

Ive wanted to ask this question are you really into Fucking trannys lolol dude wtf Transgenders i mean thats awquard men with pussys are also digusting 2 but i dont want to talk about that search that up on google thats some nasty ass shit


2010-10-08 05:15:43

but seriously man that's pretty fucked


2010-10-08 05:15:25

Should've used the "They're 300 year old demons" excuse.


2010-10-07 23:03:24

Dont get shot or we might have to make our own dick jokes!


2010-10-07 22:15:49

I had feeling this would happen sooner or later.


2010-10-07 09:37:23 the uniform...armed with a rifle...yup absolutley no problem with that picture :-)

As an ex millitary man myself (5 months u say? pftt , those will fly , i had to do 3 thats a pain) But hey u know we (i) luv ya. don't get killed u hear me? or all you'r art will suddenly cost a fortune! and we don't want that now do we? :-))

Be safe


2010-10-07 05:01:49

Wtf switzerland. Well hey, ur artwork is fantastic although hilariously fucked up. Keep up the good work. Draw some army influenced shit later ;)


2010-10-06 22:54:51

You're gonna get drafted to the army in 3 weeks? Wow that's quick. Well I hope it goes okay and too bad about takin down your pictures on your website. Tisk tisk.

Oh well, the law is the law I suppose.
Good luck with your artwork and being an army guy. :D


2010-10-06 21:38:07

What?! That sucks.


2010-10-06 21:16:13

whatd u do


2010-10-06 20:41:23

Bye shaddy cya in 5 months if iraq doesnt kill you


2010-10-06 19:02:11

Kill some Commies for us

TheShadling responds:

I wont be killing anyone.


2010-10-06 16:54:11

Oh god Shad .. I'm terribly sorry for your misfortune. You got in trouble with Johny law? May I ask why? Urm .. I've been busy getting ready for the new york anime festival, and here I am pissing and moaning about my problems ...

TheShadling responds:

No no, im still the same old person.


2010-10-06 15:17:32

Drafted into the military? Like some kind of compulsory thing? Is that because you're not in school anymore or something? Sounds harsh. I'm glad the military here in the US is volunteer only. I don't know what I'd do with a drafting. I fucking hate the military! Hope it goes alright for you, anyways. Perhaps the military in Switzerland is less dickish than those skin-headed cunts in the US?

TheShadling responds:

I have to go sooner or later for 5 months, so now is a good time. So its not all that bad.


2010-10-06 07:00:47

You had a page before the website that says "IF you are scared of "Dick" then gtfo" ..

Does your website still work? I cannot see it if it works..

TheShadling responds:

I will reupload it soon.


2010-10-05 22:02:23

Whoa I didn't know one had to serve in the military in Switzerland.


2010-10-05 20:08:13

Hear hear!(salutes) God's speed sir!


2010-10-05 20:01:27

Change your name to Alvin Stanley Workison and you'll be all set. :)
P.S. Really sucks that you got in trouble with the law and changed your name. :(
R.I.P. TheRealShadman

TheShadling responds:

Hulalaoo was right!


2010-10-05 18:42:57

Swissland still has an army? I though their policy was 'neutral,' 'neutral,' 'neutral' 'NEUTRAL'

now i has a sads


2010-10-05 17:37:10

A shame but at least it is here in newgrounds.

The good thing was you did not have to pay any fine ;)


2010-10-05 17:14:25

lol! owned... why'd you change your name? to avoid law?

TheShadling responds:

yes, safety.


2010-10-05 16:32:42

Damn, that sucks. I expect to see child soldiers soon?

TheShadling responds:

haha, way ahead of you.


2010-10-05 14:27:16

why are u goning to the army?

TheShadling responds:

Its not a choice, I have to sooner or later.


2010-10-05 13:52:07

question? what flavor is the doughnut?

TheShadling responds:

Justice Flavoured!


2010-10-05 13:48:43

for how long are you going to serve in the army? We┬┤ve got a minimum of 6 months here in finland, hope you get out sooner

TheShadling responds:

I think I have 5 months, not exactly sure, should check.


2010-10-05 13:42:59

dude I am so sorry to hear that! D: When I tried to find you, it said "this user does not exist" so I was relieved when you just changed your name. Hope you're doing okay!

TheShadling responds:

Of course I am, glad to know youre still around.


2010-10-05 13:08:31

suice is gay! here in Brazil has bichs with 11 years at a bargain price

TheShadling responds:

haha suisse really is gay!


2010-10-05 12:43:08

yes me too


2010-10-05 12:33:00

will any of your art on NG be deleted or does you keep that?

TheShadling responds:

Im hoping this account will remain unreported


2010-10-05 12:23:56

If you don't mind me asking, how exactly did your artwork get you in trouble?

TheShadling responds:

Switzerland has some law against underaged persons involved in sexual activity in art.