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Entry #118

Titts in all sizes.

3/8/13 by TheShadling

Due to some technical difficulties I havent updated Shadbaseyet this week, but Shagbase has recevied 2 updates instead.
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Titts in all sizes.


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Hmm... I wonder how many pages of retarded butthurt it would get out of him, if you drew some Madness gay hentai?




look guys




Always fun seeing Shad alive i mean who else can make these quite amazing piece of mind blowing art like ?
Anyhow i'll have to agree with these other fine people DubStepBoy Time for you to get a life.
That should be all i had to say

Lolwut, is small boob porn really a thing?

@AppulJack Nope, hes internet police, we need to have eye on him. <.< >.>
Also... Boobs cannot be tiny, that would ruin some of fun...

The bigger the better. :) Nice work!

fuck off dubstepboy shad does great work

wow,dubstep boy is still looking at shadmans comics and protesting.dude seriously.

Dubstepboy is a law abiding citizen of the internet

guys watch out

be careful with those grads


lol dubstep boy is shit troll waiting his time.



i do not have to listen to you dub step boy >:(



is there going to be a grim groping page 3?