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Entry #133

Shadbase in the USA

7/4/13 by TheShadling

After a bit of a break inclduing yet another interactive animation by Spazkid, I will be Continuing the Teen Titans comic again on Shadbase.
Also there have been and there will be alot more updates than usual on Shagbase, so keep an eye out for all the kinky stuff that will be posted there.

also Im in the usa now.



Shadbase in the USA


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love the artwork you do. but, of all places to move, why the US? I'm native and I want out....

Not at all man, just thought a simple welcoming gift would be in order.

nice i hope you enjoy your stay here and dont party too hard lol



Im told ur my new roommate. we can braid each others hair maybe?

7/5/13 TheShadling responds:

I regret cutting my hair now, we could have had so much fun!

Welcome to merika 409ee8e060dd6fd5ed4447

7/5/13 TheShadling responds:

Thankyou, I took the liberty of putting it on my site, if you dont mind.

Isnt a little strange that you arrived on the 4th of July?

I don't mean to pry but where were you before.



Welcome to 'Murica. How fitting you arrived on the 4h of July.



Tell Joy I say hi.

welcome back

Welcome to AMERICA!
Sexy Raven.

So super jelly.

I like your pic that you made. And USA? Really?!

Your new home?
so where are you? are you in california? newyork? something else?