Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Mr Fulp

2010-04-30 08:46:52 by TheShadling

Happy Pico Day Everyone!
Its my first Pico day where I actually am a Member of NEwgrounds, Im excited to see all the cool Flashes people came up with.

Rock on Newgrounds

And by the way as I have said in my previous newspost:
I joined Deviantart a few days ago, and it be nice if more Newgrounders would become friends with me there. And thankyou to everyone who already added me.

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Mr Fulp


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2010-04-30 09:27:57

Well so I added you on dA. All else I can say is that Pico art in the post is genius in its simplicity.

TheShadling responds:

Thanks alot mate, I appreciate you adding me.


2010-04-30 14:05:26

OMG !!!!

TheShadling responds:



2010-05-01 11:24:12

pico elections

TheShadling responds:

Vote for him!


2010-05-01 16:28:54

pico is going to kill us all! he will take a fuckin gun and destroy all your art work! :o
XD protect us and your work by drawing him. it will work like a shield. kinda. 8p

TheShadling responds:

I am utterly confused.


2010-05-01 17:32:15

I kinda feel silly for not submiting anything to celebrate pico day this year. Seen a lot of awesome submitions, chances are I wouln't won anything. I had this idea to portray Dad fighting a T-rex, but it would have been rushed :/
Anyway you did an awesome job on your part, Shaddai! :D

TheShadling responds:

Thanks Nekow its not about winning, Its just about participatng on pico day. Youre idea sounded awesome though!


2010-05-01 19:20:41

I love you. like a bro, but not in that fucking frat boy ass-hole. I mean the kind of guy i would call to help me hide a body or preform an outlawed ritual I discovered from my intense readings of the past that could summon the beings that wipe the smug faces off all those who chose to mock me throughout my life only to suffer as I have, the last audible sound they hear being the screeches of my minions and my own laughter (and your) guiding them into the abyss. Or like the kind of guy that would help you with your German classes. That kind of bro love.

TheShadling responds:

Haha fucking awesome.


2010-05-01 23:15:28

Dude you FUCKING rule. Love the art.

TheShadling responds:

I appreciate it mate!


2010-05-03 10:31:02

made him look and be like nixxon

TheShadling responds:

yeeah haha that was kinda nixxons pose.


2010-05-03 18:17:59

War Prisoner IS GOLD

TheShadling responds:

golden shower!


2010-05-03 23:13:34

Lets get wasted then spend our money more booze! WOOO!!! HOOOO!!!

TheShadling responds:

now i get it X)


2010-05-04 15:55:13

Congratulations man!!! =D

TheShadling responds:

She is their slave.


2010-05-04 17:40:52

congratys n****r

TheShadling responds:

thanks my golden little kitty


2010-05-05 16:38:11

Already watch.=)