Deleting my "Art"

2011-07-07 10:20:50 by TheShadling

Greetings Newgrounds visitors

My Latest Art Portal Submission has been deleted recently, it involved incest and other perhabs a bit offensive themes. I was wondering why did this particular image get taken down? Is newgrounds starting to cencor the Art Portal now? Or was there just something wrong with that particular image?
There are for more offensive images in the art portal than that particular one, so maybe I have missed something?

Anybody knows whats going on?

Deleting my "Art"


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2011-07-07 10:31:14

Maybe Chris Hansen passed by ...

TheShadling responds:

I am Chris Hansen


2011-07-07 12:50:18

ho noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! cencor on ng nooo

TheShadling responds:

Is it that??!


2011-07-07 14:04:52

lol shad, i believe it may be the child porn you have tendencies to draw as of late


2011-07-07 14:05:55

also, your art is the most offensive stuff I have seen, you may not think so, but it is


2011-07-07 14:06:37

don't get me wrong, your art is awesome, but very fucked up in at least 90% of people's eyes


2011-07-07 16:55:25

Butthurt kids who don't like seeing your art are complaining more then likely.


2011-07-07 17:25:08

well when your on a site infested with 14 year old boys
if its not neko kawaii furry hentai its gonna be evil to them and they must tell on you
O:< your arts so cool dont listen to those turds


2011-07-08 00:04:40

wait, what?!


2011-07-08 03:19:04

Glad I got it printed before it was deleted.


2011-07-08 06:58:01

PM an art mod, Shad, but from I know it was deleted on purpose. They'll be able to give you answers.


2011-07-08 13:17:51

Good thing I saved it before it got deleted lol


2011-07-08 23:39:32

Hey, I know of a place where the artist won't fear the censor. It's quite nice, a view of the ocean, and coral grows aplenty!


2011-07-09 02:02:31

The only reason I can think of its that they might loose some of their ads which is their money maker. Ads are concerned of what society thinks of them and what not. I wish i got to see the full view before it was taken down :(


2011-07-09 04:31:34

I'm surprised ANY of your pictures could get deleted after your "Boy Milk" one. It musta' been bad if Boy Milk is still there. Is that part of the picture in your post? Then if so, I can't see how its any more offensive than any of your other pics. Deleting was either a mistake or newfags to the site who got grossed out by it.

TheShadling responds:

I might reupload it later, since the worse ones are still allowed to stay.


2011-07-09 13:52:53

I highly disgree with the fact you weren't contacted by NG about the deletion.
From the FAQ "Q: What can I do if I find an inappropriate movie in any of the Portals?
A: If a movie is racist, excessively pornographic, personally threatening, or generally much more offensive than regular Newgrounds fare, there is a good chance we don't want it here."

The deleted commission involves incest and pedophilia. That combo put it, in the eyes of most, as "generally much more offensive" than regular fare. Newgrounds does have to comply with their local and international law as a business entity. Those two points are the most likely cause of deletion.

I believe it'll just be blammed/deleted again if you resubmit. DeviantArt definately won't accept this. The only place it's safe from deletion is the ShadBase.


2011-07-09 15:18:00

Shad has finally become "too real" for newgrounds

TheShadling responds:

TheRealRedfeather commented on my newspost! nice!


2011-08-29 06:37:09

nah don't worry about em, thats why i always save your pictures onto my computer just in case if they get deleted, just wish newgrounds can just lighten up a bit.