Lesbians again

2012-08-18 01:12:57 by TheShadling

I have lately still been continuing the Kim Possible comic on my website.
Cause of some trouble with my ad servers finding my content to be too offensive, I havent been able to update as much as I usually do cause im still trying to find a solution to save my income. I have been working on commissions instead of comics again. You might be seing some changes going on with shadbase soon. If you cant find certain comics thats cause they have been removed or cencored, for now anyway, wont be for much longer.

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Lesbians again


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2012-08-18 01:29:30

One word:
Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnn.....


2012-08-18 01:32:51

kim drew dicks on her notebook.....
seems legit


2012-08-18 02:28:13

ok seen loads of your drawings but most of them is just... wrong. you way my favorite since you drew madness.... but with dicks been slaughter.... they are getting up worse, real worse!


2012-08-18 03:11:49

Damn, this shit is hot as fuck.


2012-08-18 04:04:23

They are taking X hahaha


2012-08-18 04:11:02

Nothing better. Except for dicks.


2012-08-18 07:13:10

Two words:


2012-08-18 12:07:29

This is Impossible, K?

dammit... I hate my self for this


2012-08-18 13:41:50

@Pajaking That's 1 word??
i think you have too much free time TheShadling.. wayy to much free time... witch is better for those pervs that like to jack off to this kinda stuff... but yea yea.. lovely art.. looks very well done...

TheShadling responds:

this is my job, my way of income, what do you expect?


2012-08-18 16:01:35

Nice work, sweet technique for light and shads.
May i ask how many time spent on that one?

TheShadling responds:

the original time for the video was 1 hr 28 minutes.


2012-08-18 16:11:49

They've found it offensive, eh? That explains the invention of Shagbase. Fools. They should be proud to fly their flag with you.


2012-08-18 17:24:37

You should ask Bad Dragon for some ads.


2012-08-18 18:12:18

So why can't you contract with Ad servers that usually are used on porn sites?


2012-08-18 18:18:30

Keep teh lesbians going and the money will come.


2012-08-18 22:28:38

I find it interesting that you convert everything, from Cartoons and TV shows into art. Speaking on a purely art based perspective, your art utilizes a variety of art techniques to great effect. Not to mention that they're highly effective, as you have a large following that likes your subject matter. I've also heard that you were banned from deviantART. I feel sympathy for you.


2012-08-19 01:57:01

Why don't you just make legit porn? you got the skill for it


2012-08-19 01:59:43

Disreguard the last comment, Didn't think about it enough, my apologies.


2012-08-20 15:23:53

Nice work shad very hot. The shading in this is great too.


2012-08-22 03:06:10



2012-08-22 23:01:16

I miss the dicks and things have seemed a bit tame lately.

TheShadling responds: