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2012-12-13 05:06:47 by TheShadling

Still doing the Legend of Korra comic on my site, if you are into that kind of thing you should go check it out.

Working on ALOT of things this month so I got to keep busy so I can go stress free into the new year.

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More Sexual Content


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TheShadling responds:



2012-12-13 10:46:55

lol nice cockslap.


2012-12-13 10:56:01

I am not sure if anyone really bothers to tell you this,but you do make some excellent work in what you do. Not to make is sound awkward but you have a lot of passion in what you do,even if it's cartoon porn and all that.


2012-12-13 12:41:57

Shadman, use your gifted looks to pick up a woman.

Then proceed to draw said woman nude. While I love your stuff, and the facial expressions you illustrate, I always feel a little disappointed in their body form. No no, not the dicks, just their frame.

For example, I really don't think vagoonies are that high up the crotch (talkin' boot Korra picture in link). I simply can not masturbate to my fullest potential with such glaring imperfections visible.

The hands in that picture are awesome, real attention to detail, they're something people skimp out on, but the vah-jay-jays look really... Well, like an artist illustrating something he's never seen, only something he's heard described! While I'm certainly not saying you've never seen a vagina in your life, I just think you're not translating your knowledge to illustrations as well as you could!

I love you man, I just don't love your vaginas.


2012-12-13 13:53:53

Your art is gonna kick your ass one day.


2012-12-13 18:07:05

Beautiful detail on the penis there shadster