A Womans Ass

2013-02-07 12:47:47 by TheShadling

Hello there.

Theres plenty of new content on Shad AND Shagbase. Alot of it will actually never be posted here to newgrounds so make sure to check it out if you like my work.
There is much to come this february as usual, working on alot at once, including a animated loop feautering Tifa from Final Fantasy.
The best way to stay updated with my website is either TWITTER or FACEBOOK. So make sure to follow one of those if you want to see my new content ASAP. You wont regret it, and youll be supporting me, so its a win, win. (Do it now or fuck you.)

Enjoy the rest of the winter.


A Womans Ass


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2013-02-07 12:58:17



2013-02-07 13:33:50

Shadling + Animation?
Dear god.

TheShadling responds:

Fuck you


2013-02-07 14:09:10

Enjoy + Winter?
Nooo. Heating and eating bills to offset the cold sucks ass :|
As always, thanks for the sentiment though.


2013-02-07 14:56:55

That's a nice ass.
I'll be looking forward to that Tifa loop!


2013-02-07 15:52:20

She has a mole on her vagina.


2013-02-07 16:14:10

Well seeing as i usually always support ya shad, it will be nice to see more new updates :D.
Especially the animation. So keep up the Amazing work and dont forget to take a breather when your able to.



2013-02-07 16:30:45

An Animated loop of Tifa!!!
That's going to be nice to see when it's done, She's one of my favorites.


2013-02-07 19:28:05

Tifa loop... Better be futa or guro to stand out amongst everything that's out there already. Wait, Shad's involved so it'll probably be both.


2013-02-07 21:36:55

Twitter + Facebook? I follow till death!


2013-02-07 21:40:56

i dont hope that that loop is futa or guro... anyway is that girl on the picture in your post zone-tan by any chance?

TheShadling responds:

Its Squigly from Skullgirls with a Zone-Tan recolor.


2013-02-08 11:27:15

Already subscribed on Facebook.
Hurrah for being a hipster fagbot.


2013-02-08 14:35:54

Damn dude, i really love the art style of this piece, are you gonna do more like it?


2013-02-11 19:49:32

So what's it like pandering to the lowest common denominator?