The Last of Us

2013-02-21 23:59:46 by TheShadling

New project started on Shadbase based on the ucoming PS3 game "The Last of Us" by Naughty Dog.
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Thats it this time.

Halted die Ohren Steif.

PS: for those who wonder why I dont upload as much anymore, its because EVERYTHING I upload here can be seen days, sometimes even weeks or months earlier on Shadbase or Shagbase, and a huge ammount I keep exclusive to the sites so I dont upload them here. If you follow my sites you can expect to see at least 3 new updates every week.

The Last of Us


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2013-02-22 00:17:14

Oh lordy.


2013-02-22 01:10:10

Once a week should be enough, you got irons in the fire elsewhere.
You're just doing us the courtesy of reminding us of that, with a bit of eye candy as tribute to the fans here.


2013-02-22 03:21:36

all hail! your work is badass and i love it.


2013-02-22 06:58:26

It should be: Haltet die Ohren steif. Two mistakes in one sentence, ew.
Don't forget your german shaddyboy ;D

Please don't call me a grammar nazi just because i'm german XP

Anyways, i keep visting shadbase like every week or something.
It's the only site i have my adblocker disabled for.
I'm not even a fan of hentai, but your art/style is simply amazing and funny in a crude way.

Sometimes i wish that sex'n'violence wouldn't sell that good and more relevant and soul piercing art would be more proftiable. Cause i know you could create those with ease. (Maybe i just can't see the meaningful side in your stuff because the tits'n'dicks are so large lol.)

Keep gonig and good luck with whatever you do or will do.

With love from Berlin,


2013-02-23 17:37:24

Shadman your pretty fucked up


2013-02-24 05:53:22

Looking good!


2013-02-24 09:48:10

Newground's favorite hentai artist at it again.