Entry #108

10 000 on NG

2013-07-20 17:42:42 by TheShadling

Still drawing plenty of Raven for Shadbase, keeping the Teen Titans comicgoing. Next week will be the last Raven week, then its time to move on to the next chapter.
On Shagbase theres a delicious comic page of Ashley by Spazkid, which will be getting a follow up next week by me.
I have also been doing some backgrounds for some really cool animations, which should be available for public viewing eventually.

Thankyou for 10 000 fans here on NG. I will continue keeping this profile active, but you should also follow me on TUMBLR, FACEBOOK or TWITTER, for easier ways to stay up to date with my work.


10 000 on NG


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2013-07-20 18:10:03

It's quite funny when i took a look it was at 9,999 fans
Anyway keep doing whatever you're doing.


2013-07-20 23:04:17

You deserve it, man. Also thanks for following me on tumblr. :)

TheShadling responds:

Keep up the cool work, very stylish!


2013-07-20 23:46:03

Cool... I got a newspost like this one, with 10,000 comments. Fancy the coincidence! Any chance of another comic book epic in the works, like Bloodrocuted or Christinsanity?


2013-07-21 00:52:54

congrats dude, youre in the big leagues man :)

TheShadling responds:

Thankyou Minchamber, you should come over sometime.


2013-07-21 02:18:10

Congrats on getting 10K fans and keep on being awesome!


2013-07-21 15:23:33

Psst, MindChamber is only say what we've known all along~

Congrats, dude.


2013-07-21 17:32:13



2013-07-21 18:30:49

I will, Stamps keeps talking about this new rib place.im down!We'll get you a portabella burger tho,lol


2013-07-23 18:52:39

ill follow you to hell and back just because your art it mega uber awesome