Entry #113

Gaper Mario

2013-08-28 02:11:51 by TheShadling

New Flash Game by Spazkid up on Shadbase
Its Paper Mario themed, so keep an open mind.

Theres also new Pokephilia on Shagbase if you want something different instead.


Gaper Mario


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2013-08-28 02:39:51

So you guys...really like dicks...


2013-08-28 02:52:39

It's complicated


2013-08-28 06:26:06

That's some game alright! Didn't find any easter eggs or anything special, will Spazkid continue to work on it?


2013-08-28 08:53:55

I wouldn't exactly call that a game when the most interactivity it has is a scene select. Sure there where a few clickable things but still hardly a game. I see he went with Shadman's style for drawing the characters, which I find pretty repellent, even the few characters that were actually female. Needless to say, this didn't turn me on in the least.


2013-08-28 13:47:07

I am getting sick of the dickless girls now shad!


2013-09-07 03:39:26

It's an awesome game !!
I'm absolutely not into futa, absolutely not into mario, but that doesn't take a fan to see it's impressive work and should be thanked, whatever trolls and low-minded people are saying !

They were obvious work and efforts put into it, and that delivers a lot to fans !
If I could find the same kind of stuff for non-mario & non-futa I would be super happy, so I imagine the pleasure of this for futa/mario fans !

Originality is always spit at, but don't let that get to you, shad, because quality is here and it's amazing work anyway !
And there's tons of futa lovers here and there waiting for that kind of stuff ! (not me, but I always stumble on people asking for those kind of stuff)

Do you plan on finishing dark peach, or adding other characters, or giving some hints on how to complete the game, after some time ?

Thx again !