Entry #153

Sexy Summer Time

2014-07-05 03:35:36 by TheShadling

I hope you are having a nice summer! This week I got some new Korra pinups up on Shadbase, including a new League of Lesbians summer picture. Also working on more pages for the Double Jinxed comic to upload next week.

On Shagbase I got more of Stewardess Tails for the Sonic the Hedgewhore collection, and Spazkid has been posting some kinky content aswell.

Also HUGE thankyou to everyone who has picked up a print last month, you have convinced Sharkrobot to keep me onboard with the monthly limited prints, so as you may have already noticed this months 5 new prints are now available in the store. Go check em out, there might be one you like, like last time they will be available till the end of the month.

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2014-07-05 04:08:57

Why is everyone doing Korra art lately?

Not like I'd not fap to it but still...

TheShadling responds:

The new Season released a week ago.


2014-07-05 04:17:59

Your artwork is just too amazing. :D

How long does it usually take to make one picture? Just wonderin'. ^-^


2014-07-05 05:06:01

More prints eh? MIght pick up another the last one I got looks great on the wall


2014-07-05 07:32:21

jesus christ man...why do you always have to ruin great erotic drawings with all the penises...well, it just ain't my bag -_-


2014-07-05 14:27:41

I might just pick up that Korra print for my cousin!

TheShadling responds:

Would have never thought a Shadbase print could pass off as a gift.


2014-07-05 17:13:47

I wish I could learn from you :D


2014-07-05 19:49:25

Do you only listen to rock and roll


2014-07-06 20:59:44

cool works!

sexy as always and with nice music.



2014-07-07 10:16:11

@Shad well that'd explain it...