Entry #157

Family fun

2014-08-03 22:49:44 by TheShadling

Got a new comic with Violet Parr and Helen Parr from the Incredibles in the making. You can go see the pages I have so far on Shadbase.

On Shagbase theres more with Ellie and Riley from The Last of Us aswell as new Spazkid posts.

On further news, huge thanks to everyone who has picked up a print last month. The New August prints are in over at Sharkrobot.

See you at the base.


And thankyou for 45 000+ subscribers on my Youtube, sorry I dont really do much with the channel besides speedpaints, but I got a website to run.






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2014-08-03 22:59:27

hmm, nothing like family entertainment. are you selling the comics as well as show them on your site?

TheShadling responds:

The comics are digital only.


2014-08-04 13:30:14

Indeed , no one can do it better than your own mommy hehe
also I checked the website's store and I love the idea of selling your artworks but I didn't find what I'm looking for there ... is that the only ones you're selling or you do costume ones if asked ? I'd love to get one of your older works but ddidn't find it in the store..
much respect to you sir.

TheShadling responds:

I started selling the prints in association with Sharkrobot 2 months ago, the way it works is that every month I have five new prints, however they are only available limited, for one month. So maybe there will be one you like next month.


2014-08-04 15:56:11

The options will change next month. I just hope I can get them in t-shirts soon.


2014-08-05 22:53:08

Idk why but I feel like sharing this, http://i.imgur.com/MbB4dZX.jpg

TheShadling responds:

Awesome! Can I upload that to some of my social networking sites?


2014-08-06 04:06:09

Sure thing. I just bought plain frame at joann, nothing fancy.


2014-08-08 03:43:31

Hiii long time no see your gallery !
lot of new images, nice nice nice ! continue :D !

TheShadling responds:

Thankyou my fellow Contry man, you too!