Entry #250

have you seen Logan?

2017-03-11 13:29:17 by TheShadling


I have

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2017-03-11 13:41:35

It was depressing as shit dude... ;c


2017-03-11 13:59:31

I have too. And I'm glad it was good and had a closing ending. Didn't expect Fox to make a good one after the shitshow of the wolverine movie.
And I didn't expect to see a kid that little act decent (most child actors are downright awful when put in a decent movie). But I think it was because of the good idea of the director to have her shut up for the first half of the movie and not talk too much during the second half XD.
And the action in it was quite bad-ass.


2017-03-12 03:56:06

I went and saw the movie in theaters a few days ago and I honestly am not at all disappointed. I see it continuing and having more movies after this one HOWEVER, the ending of the movie was vague as to if there would be another movie or not.
Also great depiction of X-23 <3 Definitely looking forward to more of her by you and I know at some point a futa/trap version of her will appear on your website and or here eventually

So keep up the awesome work on Shad!

Also what was your favorite part in the movie?


2017-03-12 08:35:03

It havne't come out here yet. Heard it to be very good though.
And shesh, you can't manage to be innovative for a second, can you? xP
Keep rehashing the same 3 pics over and over~

Still, big props for at least admitting your incompetence. Most top tier artists just blatantly lie about it while desperately deflecting.
Today's PC culture and safe space demands have really gotten out of hand.