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2017-08-22 05:35:41 by TheShadling

its a pretty good game


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2017-08-22 07:35:48

It's terrific fun, provided the lag and/or the desync aren't too bad.

Scoring kills you legit know you didn't actualy earn or emptying a clip in somebody point blank to zero effect can be a buzzkill at times what with the game being challenging enough as is.

Once they wrap it up though it's probably here to stay unless somebody airlifts the concept and does it better, who knows.

TheShadling responds:

absolutely, it can be a rife mess at times


2017-08-22 15:20:51

Have the developers completed the PUBG yet? Keep seeing some of my crewmates playing it on Discord, others are hooked on Rocket League. I'm an old pussy who likes racing in GTA:O, dealing with modders, little communist shits and k/d whores. Yup, GTA and NG, been there since the beginnings

TheShadling responds:

Its still is in early access and still needs a lot of work, but they are moving in the right direction.


2017-08-23 23:35:10

PUBG is shit,but ur art is awesome!